This One Is For The Dads

Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts

For the man who has it all…or goes and gets it himself if he doesn’t–what exactly are you supposed to get for ol’ Dad this Father’s Day? We’ve scoured the latest and greatest gifts, and toys that Dad will put to great use year-round…not that he doesn’t appreciate all the great ties you’ve gotten him in the past.


Urban Map Glass– $16 from UncommonGoods

Cheers to the man who taught you to love the taste of scotch, smell of whiskey and puff of a cigar. Whether he drinks nightly, monthly or only celebratory, make sure Dad has something to drink with, because we all know he already has something to drink either stashed away in a cabinet, or on display on the bar cart. The added details of city streets that line the glass will leave him reminiscing about the days of past, and perhaps he’ll even tell you a story he shouldn’t be telling you through sips of his favorite bourbon. Sold by the glass, you can get a single glass for him, two for a good time, or four for a great time in a range of cities including Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston, San Francisco and more, allowing you to mix and match the places he loves.


Mid-Calf Classic Socks–$15 from Onyx & Oxford

These aren’t your father’s socks…but they will be soon. Socks are typically used as a cop-out gift, when you either don’t know what to get someone, or forgot to get them something. But these socks are a no brainer, literally, as they feature what we like to call the SOC Matching System™, which lets you know what color sock you’re about to step into on the inside of the cuff. Not only will he always have matching socks on from now on, but he can wear them around the house, or with his favorite pair of loafers in an ultra-soft 200-needle count cotton blend.


Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Bluetooth Portable Turntable–$45.99 from BestBuy

A blast from the past, and turn to the future, Dad can dust the dirt off his More Than a Feeling vinyl or connect to Bluetooth and listen to remastered Frank Sinatra classics. A gift of nostalgia for his younger years may make you the favorite this year, no matter what he says. In a variety of hues, choose Dad’s favorite or match it to an old favorite album cover he’ll likely be showing off.


Ultimate Bar Book: The Comprehensive Guide to over 1,000 Cocktails–$19.95 from Barnes & Noble

For the maker and the shaker, sorry no stirrers allowed, give Dad a gift with no parts assembled and a great time ahead. He’ll learn the history behind famous cocktails, why gin used to be (and still should be) the mixer of choice, while understanding the difference between a dash and a splash. And whether he uses the book for decor on his bar cart, gains a greater appreciation for cocktail culture, or serves up a few fine drinks–you’ll be sure it’s put to good use.


Ninja Air Fryer–$92.69 from Amazon

And for the Big Kahuna, the Mac Daddy of gifts–an air fryer. Laugh as you may, but this bad boy reheats leftover French fries (which we all previously believed was impossible), meat, vegetables, and all sorts of savory goods you can’t wait to get in your belly. I once bought an air fryer for my mom one Mother’s Day, only to later find out that Dad had been using it to experiment with various foods like chicken, sweet potato fries, zucchini, and basically anything he could get his hands on. For the cook, experimenter, or lover of good food, an air fryer is the perfect gift for Dad.


Whether a foodie, a drinker, or a man of great taste and timeless style, you’ll be sure to impress Dad with any and all of these gifts this Father’s Day.