Responsibly Sourced Clothing: For A Better Life, Wardrobe, and Planet

As you may know, our environment, and health are being affected by something we use day and night: Clothes. Fashion is the second largest polluter of our planet, after oil, and fast-fashion specifically has been the biggest culprit of damaging our natural resources, neglecting worker safety, and often contains toxins and harmful chemicals in its products. And yes, caring about your earth and working to protect it is now becoming a cooler, more common way of living, but what other benefits does responsibly sourced clothing actually have on your life?

Your clothes maintain their fit for longer

By wearing ethically sourced fabrics you maintain the integrity of the natural fibers that weave together your clothes. And when your clothes are made with stronger, safer materials they maintain their shape and quality between washes for longer. For example, when clothes are woven with Supima® cotton, the naturally long fibers are broken down with the addition of chemicals and harmful dyeing techniques, but when you avoid adding unnecessary chemicals, the fibers are less likely to break down, allowing the naturally strong fibers to hold up when clothes are stretched, and maintain their structure.

Your clothes look and feel nicer (so more compliments)

You know quality when you see it, and now you can feel it. Responsibly sourced clothes are crafted with the utmost care, and best ingredients, which is why even simple tee shirts appear more sophisticated and are luxe to the touch. And from work to happy hour, sustainable clothing never looks sloppy and always maintains a touch of class.

You can keep your clothes for longer

Forget trends, fads, and that Hawaiian shirt you still have in your closet; when your clothes are sourced from responsible material with higher quality and less frequent washes, you can create a wardrobe that stands the test of time. Tee shirts now have the ability to outlast promotions, and long-term relationships with your favorite barista, which is why classic pieces are so vital in naturally sourced clothes. This is an especially good piece of news for menswear, as men’s styles are slower to change over the years, which means that men are able to easily curate a collection of quality clothing that never go out of fashion. And with a wardrobe consisting only of staple-pieces you are one step closer to living a minimalist lifestyle, or at least watching the documentary.

Side note: As the average American consumer tosses out approximately 82 pounds worth of clothing annually, clothes are quickly filling up our landfills and causing harm to our planet. By purchasing responsibly sourced clothes instead of the newest trends, you can unweave the cycle of fast fashion, and its effect on our world.

You avoid harmful chemicals

Starting from the pesticides farmers use to grow their cotton, clothes contain harmful chemicals and toxins that rub onto our skin with every wear. From damaging farming techniques, to harsh dyeing treatments, and added chemicals for stylistic purposes, the clothes you live in, and sleep in are not only unfavorable to you, but the ill-treated workers who endure cruel working conditions and are constantly exposed to toxins and chemicals. By wearing clothes made using sustainable farming techniques with proper regulations in safe working conditions, you can avoid exposure to toxins and chemicals while advocating for workers rights.

So, when you ponder how to freshen your look, elevate your style, or become more fashion conscious in general, sustainably sourced clothing will help you check all the boxes for low-maintenance, quality, timeless pieces that are better for you and the environment.