Simplicity will always be in style

Rooted on the pillars of quality, simplicity and style, Onyx & Oxford® is committed to making high-quality foundational pieces essential for every man’s wardrobe.  The Chicago-based menswear brand offers responsibly-sourced products with a timeless, classic style and a bit of a modern edge.  With tees and oxfords that are designed and manufactured in Chicago, each of the pieces are complementary and extremely adaptable to meet the professional and social demands of a man’s day.


Onyx & Oxford®

Never mismatch your socks

Inspired by sock matching troubles, the socks became the singular piece that not only influenced the brand’s name but also shaped the remaining product offerings. The brand concept all started with the idea of identifying the sock color to eliminate the frustration for men trying to differentiate between black and navy socks. With Onyx & Oxford® and our SOC Matching System™ socks you’ll never mismatch your black (Onyx) or navy (Oxford) socks again!

Versatile men's basics. Classic style with a modern touch.

Ethically Sourced Fabrics

Onyx & Oxford® is committed to sourcing responsibly and producing the highest quality products close to home.

Shirts made in the USA

We support local business. Our Oxfords and Tees are designed and manufactured right here in Chicago.

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